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'Ello lovelies

As I seem to have abandoned this blog (entirely unintentionally) I just wanted to let anyone who is still hanging around know that I have moved over to Tumblr as twentyminutestil. If you are still hanging around here and want to know what I'm up to, please come visit me there! I also plan to start up a page at or Idk, maybe I'll keep it all on tunblr, because that's a place I keep finding myself anyway... ANyway. Thanks to all for sticking with me, and best of wishes to everyone :D
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'Ello lovelies!

I haven't even looked back to see what my last posting date was, but it's been a ridiculously looooooooong time. And I can't promise to post again any time soon :/ Unfortunately, real life has taken over, and writing has taken a back seat. Although, I did my first NaNoWriMo this year and managed to complete, WooooO!). I've also strayed a little from Torchwood, but it will always have my undying love. I do hope to one day complete my Happenstance series, and appreciate the attention you all have given it (seriously, I can't even begin to describe my gratitude for all of the messages and comments I've received over the years). I did write a little Being Human(UK) drabble a while back, that I will one day clean up and expand. And I have been itching to write some Lost Girl smut classy story-time. But it's all about finding the time to devote to writing, as you are all aware. Thank you to all of my readers, I <3 you where ever you are! And I will be sure to cross-post the shit out of my next story (stories, god willing) to make sure it's easy to find.

Edit: July 2010?? Are you kidding me? Where did the time go???
PS: Uh, how did I totes forget to mention my absolute obsession with The Vampire Diaries? I also have some WIPs for that around, that I will one day post. Man I gotta get back on the ball!
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One Shot: Old Fashioned

Old Fashioned
Rating: PG
Pairing: Jack/Ianto implied
Spoilers: Pre-season 1
Summary: Jack learns something about his archivist, early on in their relationship.

A/N: No beta here, please let me know if you find mistakes and I will fix them. Concrit always welcome (any comments are good comments, right?).

Special thanks to frakkin_addict for hosting a small challenge over on her journal, which prompted this piece.



Jack bellows into the cavernous hub, hoping to gain the attention of his erstwhile devoted archivist. Collapse )

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Apparently, I kind of don't like the 'Sleeper' epi. Is it the lack of Ianto? Or my lack of empathy towards Beth? Maybe the weird sequence that includes a young mom basically pushing her baby carriage into traffic? Don't know. Don't care. But must push through if I'm to write my next 'Happenstance' chapter. Because, of course, I'm OCD enough to need to write them in order. Blergh :P
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New Chapter! And RL, FTW.

Yay, I have a new chappy up, this makes a girl happy. And I am visiting New York for the first time next week, Yay Yay!! Actually, anybody a NY Local? I may need tips :) But I am crazy busy this month (mostly true, but serious bouts of anxiety are amplifying that feeling), so I'm mostly trepidations about my trip. AND I've been seeing a therapist regarding this anxiety for a few weeks now. Man, this is hard work! It's all good, and I haven't regretted a second of it. But DUDE, hour long crying jags, and constant analization is weary making, and headache making. Also nonsense making, see above^.

*end rambly RL note, that likely makes no sense XD*
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Happenstance: Rehearsal (22/??)

Happenstance: Rehearsal

Rating: PG for this chapter

Pairing: Jack/Ianto implied

Spoilers: Through Episode1, Season 2

Summary: Set between ‘Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang’ and ‘Sleeper’, follows ‘Happenstance: Reconciliation’.

A/N: I’d suggest reading
href="">Reconciliation before reading this chapter. But it should make sense in relation to ‘KKBB’ and ‘Sleeper’.

Beta'ed by the 'Super'[info]frakkin_addict

Linky Links!:
Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 |Chapter 6 | Chapter 7 | Chapter 8 | Chapter 9 | Chapter 10 |Chapter 11 | Chapter 12 | Chapter 13 | Chapter 14 | Chapter 15 |Chapter 16 | Chapter 17 | Chapter 18 | Chapter 19 | Chapter 20 | Chapter 21


Jack shadows Ianto while he checks the team out of their rooms, and makes his way to the hotel restaurant. Collapse )
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I feel dirty ;)

Photo Manip time!!

Kay, I have to blame (give kudos to?) rootesie for inspiring me, and (and of course Torchwood) for the images. I'm not totally pleased with the lighting just yet, but honestly this isn't a style I tend to use much anymore. There may be at least one more image from the same series on the way, but I'm thinking of Lichtenstein-ing it up. We shall see... And there is more Happenstance in the works, I'm just lacking in motivation these days...

Also it's HUGE, but I don't feel like messing with it right now to fix it, so I will simply hide this under a cut, cause it's not exactly worksafe. Unless you work in a place where it is ;)

Collapse )
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Happenstance: Reconciliation (21/??)

Happenstance: Reconciliation

Rating: PG for this chapter

Pairing: Jack/Ianto implied

Spoilers: Through Episode 1, Season 2

Summary: Set after ‘Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang’.

A/N: Sequel to Chapter 20, but probably will make sense if you've seen the episode.

Beta'ed by the 'Super'[info]frakkin_addict

Linky Links!:
Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 |Chapter 6 | Chapter 7 | Chapter 8 | Chapter 9 | Chapter 10 |Chapter 11 | Chapter 12 | Chapter 13 | Chapter 14 | Chapter 15 |Chapter 16 | Chapter 17 | Chapter 18 | Chapter 19 | Chapter 20 |


Ianto wakes again when the hotel phone rings at 10 am. Collapse )
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Blergh: Ranting ramble: Stop engines!

I seriously needs me a day off. Meaning, no work, no school, no family obligations, no design projects no alarms, maybe even no people. I realized recently how long it's been since I took a personal day off of work. And the knowledge has been eating at me ever since. And I will be done with school at the end of this week, and feel overdue for a break from that as well...

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that I have it bad at all. I work under 40 hours most weeks, sit at a desk all day, and voluntarily went back to school (in a barely structured online capacity). Really, I've got a cushy set up, leaving me just enough time to do family things, some friends things, and sleep regularly (though I may pick and choose a bit which of those things I want to do each week).

But, and here is the crux of this entire argument (an argument that I'm clearly having with myself, because what do you care if I take a day off or not? What does anyone care really? It's not at all a problem for me to do so, as long as I pre-plan it, and don't miss any deadlines... I digress in my digression). BUT, I am very introverted by nature. Meaning that I process things in my head, not out loud. I need 'me' time to do this, where I'm not expected to be available for chit-chat or similar activities. I am so introverted, in fact, that I find it mentally tiring to be around people for large chunks of time. I'm not so bad off that it manifests itself in weird off-putting ticks, it's strictly an internal struggle. I'm also empathetic to a fault, which makes being around certain people (or anyone in certain moods) emotionally exhausting as well. And makes me seemingly unable to allow myself to just be in a bad mood. I am pleasant and courteous, and work to remain even tempered. This is a method that may or may not help, but I feel like people around me are in a better mood when I appear to be in a good mood. And at this point, I can’t really control it anymore. Maybe I think deep down in my subconscious that if I pick up on other people’s moods, they will pick up on mine just as strongly, so better to be even tempered then ill? This pleasant veneer is such a part of my personality, that I honestly don’t know when I started using it as a defense mechanism, certainly as early as grade school.

The problem with this is that I work in an office with about 30 people, in close quarters, without a lot of walls or doors. My desk is in the corner of a small pod that 4 people work in (seriously about a 9x9ft area). And it's a hippy-granola-y kind of business, which draws a lot of 'characters'. A number of my co-workers, while kind and mostly considerate, are what I will call 'broadcasters'. They are very in touch with how they feel, and comfortable with everyone knowing it too. Overall, it's not a high stress atmosphere, and everyone gets along surprisingly well. (Were it not for these facts, I would have lost it a long time ago.) As it stands, there is just a lot of extraneous energy bouncing around. Normally, I can go home, unplug for a while and be fine the next day. Or sometimes it builds up and I need my weekend to recharge.

Now add the self-induced stress of finishing up my BFA. As the deadline gets closer, I become more agitated. E.g., when I just typed 'deadline', I felt my throat tighten up. I already have the job that the degree was supposed to help me get. And I should be able to just enjoy the fact that I have reached a milestone, and be happy with that. But Nooooooo, I'm not wired that way. I have to constantly wonder if I'm doing the right thing. Should I use this degree as leverage to immediately look for a new and better job? Should I go back to school for my MFA, and plan to teach? Should I go back for my MFA, just to have? Am I considering more school because it's been a convenient excuse for me time? If so, how does that help me if I’m using all of my me time to work and think? Arrgh, it’s a vicious questions cycle that I keep having to halt before it sends me into a panic.

This equals me being very unhappy, but trying valiantly to remain in productive and helpful.

AND to top this all off, I have recently been focusing all of my negative energy on a stupid boy! Regardless of the face that I know exactly why I am generally anxious, I am fixating on the typical lack of communication from a guy that I really really really like (yes, I know that I am 30 and should have a better way of saying that), but have only met briefly. All signs point to his being very busy (a fact that I can confirm), and generally mannish in the frequency of his emails/texts, etc. SO, being all worked up about logical issues (that I need to address with the aforementioned day off and possibly counseling, maybe so far as medication) of course I am overanalyzing ever note, and each day between correspondence.

Again I say ARRRGH.

{end rambly rant}